Sharing a dashboard in Grow is easy. It can be done through PDF Reports, dashboard share URLs, and adding new users.

PDF Reports

There are two ways to use PDF reports. You have the option to schedule a report to send on a regular interval at a specific time, or you can manually generate PDF reports. 

Scheduled reports send an email containing a PDF image of a dashboard on a regular interval. 

Learn more about scheduling PDF reports here and manually generating PDF reports here.

Dashboard Share URLs

The second option is sharing a dashboard URL that lets friends or investors see the dashboard without requiring them to log in. This option gives you a lot of control of who is able to view the dashboard.

To learn more about Share URLs, see this article.

Adding New Users

A third option is to add a new user. You have the option of giving new users view-only or view and edit rights to that specific dashboard. To learn more, check out this article.

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