Grow recognizes when dates are present in your metric and will automatically give you the option to group by day, week, month, or quarter. 

If you want to view a metric grouped by another time frame, first expand your metric. You can do this by clicking on the metric itself or on the expanding arrows in the top-right corner.

Please note that if you have grouped your data by week, month, or quarter in Edit Metric, you won't be able to group it more granularly in the metric's expanded view. For example, if I have grouped my data by week, I won't be able to group it by day on my dashboard.

However, if you drill into the data, you will be able to see more details underneath the grouping.

In expanded view, you will see a Date Grouping section in the left-hand panel. Click on the date grouping circles to switch views.

When you exit expanded view, the metric will not save the new grouping. However, you can save it as a new metric in the bottom left-hand corner of expanded view.

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