When does the data refresh setting actually refresh the data?

You can set the data refresh interval on each metric. To do this, go into the edit metric view for a metric. In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see the chart type drop-down. Next to that icon is a drop-down menu that lets you see different intervals for that specific metric.

So from the time the metric is created the timer runs and when it hits the set time, the metric will update.

Please note that some API connections have rate limits that protect their servers and maintain a high quality of service. Most of Grow's popular data sources have robust APIs and may not run into issues with the rate limits.

However, every time a metric refreshes, it makes an API call. These calls from Grow count towards your rate limits for that specific API. For data sources that have strict rate limits, we recommend setting the metric refresh rate to something less frequent (i.e. 1 hour refresh).

For more detailed information about rate limits, please read this article.

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