Want to check your dashboards on the go? You can either check your dashboards in a browser or download the Grow app to your mobile device.

Grow App (Recommended)

You can find the Android app on Google Play here:

You can find the iOS app on iTunes here:

Read our help article here on how to use the Grow mobile app.

Grow in Browser

In a browser, you can log in at Grow.com and see all your dashboards and metrics on your mobile device.

To login, tap the menu icon in the top right corner.

The following menu will pull up. Go ahead and choose LOGIN.

This will bring you to Grow's login screen. Go ahead and log in like normal.

And voilà! You're done.

Currently on mobile you can't edit or create metrics, but we will be adding these features soon.

Questions about viewing Grow on your mobile device? Chat in on the site and we’ll be happy to help.

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