Becoming a branded account allows you to rebrand your Grow dashboard to display to your customers. If you have questions about any of the setup steps, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.

Setup Instructions

The first thing you’ll need to do is send Grow a logo, background image, and pick out a unique subdomain/domain, as well as point your A record to our servers. 


  • This logo replaces the Grow logo in the upper left hand corner of the Grow dashboard.
  • The logo you send in to Grow needs to be at least 250 pixels in height.

Background Image

  • The background image is the custom image that your clients and users will see when they log in to the platform. It replaces the regular Grow background. If you don’t have a preference, let your rep know you would like to use the default background.
  • The background needs to be at least 1600 x 900 pixels.


  • The domain can either be a unique domain or a subdomain. Since you already own “” we recommend using a subdomain for the website your white label customers will go to. The example we use is, but you can pick whatever domain or subdomain works best for your company.


  • Point your A record to the following IP address:
  • This address points to our servers, so the Grow platform will load up.

Additional Options

After you become a white label customer, you will have a couple extra options for your Grow account.

Custom emails (SMTP)

  • Once you are a white label customer, you will have this option to ensure emails are sent from your email, rather than’s. 
  • To do this, go into your account settings and navigate to the Mail tab. On this page, you will see two sections, titled SMTP and Email Setup. We recommend using Email Setup instead of SMTP. You can find the Email Setup instructions here
  • If you want to use SMTP instead of Email Setup, check out this help article.

Dashboard duplication

  • Second, you will have the option to duplicate or templatize dashboards. This gives you the option to create a “template” of a dashboard you’ve already set up. Instead of having to re-create a dashboard whenever you want to send one to a different customer, you can use the template dashboard, make the small tweaks for your customer, and send it to them.
  • To learn how to set up dashboard templatization, check out this article.

Questions? Email us at or chat in on the site and we'll be happy to help!

Note: Branded accounts were previously called white label accounts in Grow. Some people may search for "whitelabel" or white label to find related information.

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