If you are on a branded plan, you have the option to set up a custom email so that any notifications from your dashboards send from friendly@yourcompany.com instead of support@grow.com

These instructions are different from the SMTP setup instructions. We recommend using this method; however, you can find the SMTP instructions here if you want to use that method instead.

Here will walk you through setting up your custom email.

Of Note Before Beginning

Please read through the following notes before starting.

Where do I add the records? In the steps below, you will be adding various records to your domain.  Please note that these need to be added to your domain, not a subdomain.

Do I need a new subdomain? You do not need to create a new subdomain for this to work. However, you do need a subdomain that is not currently in use.

Can I use the subdomain from my login page? No. If you are using a subdomain for your custom-branded login page, you cannot use that subdomain for the email setup.

Do I need a new email account? Possibly. Whatever email you enter will need to be tied to your main domain (NOT a subdomain), so you may need to set up an email account. If you already have an email you want to use, that's fine, as long as it's hosted on your domain.

Can I add this email address as a recipient on email reports? No. If you add the email address you're sending from as a recipient on scheduled PDF reports, it will not send out your PDF reports at all. However, our email client automatically sends a BCC of every PDF report to the From email, so you'll still be able to see your PDF reports.

Setup Instructions

First, if you need to create a new email account, go ahead and do that first.

In Grow, navigate to your Settings, then click on the Mail tab.

On this page, you'll find two sections: SMTP and Email Setup. We'll be working in the Email Setup section.

Go ahead and fill in your Subdomain, domain, and the email that you want the emails to be sent from. Once you have filled those in, press the ‘Setup Email’ button on the right side.

Once you press that button, a chart will pull up below the email settings. It contains some different records that need to be pointed to different locations. The warning symbol next to each of them tells you that that specific record is not valid yet.

Next, through your Hosting Provider, add each of the DNS records shown in Grow to your main domain (not your subdomain). You will use the Type, Host, and Data columns shown in Grow for each record. (This process is similar to pointing your A Record for the subdomain that is your branded login portal).

  • Note: For GoDaddy, you will need to remove the main domain information from the Host information. (For the image above, I would remove codesam.com  from the Host information for each of the three records in GoDaddy.) If adding these DNS records fails in your hosting provider, you may try using this step.

If you want to see a screen recording of what it looks like on a GoDaddy-hosted domain, click here. Please note that not every hosting provider will look exactly like this. This video is for general reference only.

Once you’ve done that, come back to Grow and press the blue Verify Setup button. Each of the warning signs in the Valid column should change to green check marks.

Once you have verified the setup, be sure to press the blue Save button.

And that’s it! You’re good to go.

Questions? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

Note: The branded account plan was previously called white label (whitelabel) accounts.

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