NOTE: This feature is only available to branded and client reporting accounts. If you are interested in upgrading to a branded account, please read through this article.

When you become a branded or client reporting account, you will have the option to duplicate or templatize dashboards. This gives you the option to create a “template” of a dashboard you’ve already set up. Instead of having to re-create a dashboard whenever you want to send one to a different customer, you can use the template dashboard, make the small tweaks for your customer, and send it to them.

You’ll work with your Data Consultant to get the dashboard templatized. 

First, pick a customer and set up a complete dashboard with that customer in mind. (The dashboard needs to be set up before it can be duplicated.) 

Next, identify which variables need to change (for example, a certain filter, a different account, client name, etc.). 

Get in touch with your Data Consultant and give them all the information above. Grow will take care of duplicating the dashboard. 

Depending on how many variables you will want to change, the time it takes to duplicate the dashboard will vary.

After they have done this, you can go to Settings, then the Dashboard Duplication tab. On this page, you can make the tweaks to the template variables for the dashboard. Once you are done, press Generate Dashboard and send it to a customer.

NOTE: Please be aware that the dashboard you choose to be the template for other customers cannot be deleted or altered

Due to this, we recommend you duplicate your dashboard and call it “Customer Template” or something similar. This allows you to make changes to customer's dashboards without making changes to the template. 

If you do need to make changes to your template, please let your Data Consultant know before doing so. 

Questions? Email us at or chat in on the site.

Note: The branded plan was previously called a white label (or whitelabel) account. 

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