How do I share access to data connection with a user within my organization?

Sharing a data connection is very useful if you need to share a data source authorization with someone but don't want to send them the username and password to set it up.

The person that you share your data auth with will be able to access that data source and create metrics based on the data, but they won't be able to see your credentials or change anything about your auth instance.

First, go to your Settings, then select Data Sources from the left-hand menu.

This will load a list of all data connections within your Grow account.

To find your data source, you can either scroll down to the data source or use the search bar to find the connection.

To share the connection with a user within your organization, click the person icon.

This will bring up a window that has all the users in your organization. To give someone access to your connection, check the box next to their name. This window also has a handy search bar that lets you search for a specific user.

When you are done, click Save.

And that's it! They will now be able to create metrics.

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