Sometimes you want to find what metrics you’ve created for a specific data source without having to check through all your dashboards to find it. This article teaches you how to do that. 

NOTE: You must be an admin to be able to do this.

First, go to your account settings. Select Data Sources from the left-hand pane.

From here, you can search for either a specific data connection. You will be able to see all of the owners of a connection with that data source as well as the number of metrics each one has.

To see the metrics under a specific connection, click on the title of the data source or on the metric count. This will show you all of the metrics for that data connection. If you have a long list of metrics and want to find a specific one, there is a handy search bar in the window.

If you click on the name of a metric, it will take you to the expanded view of that metric.

There are three more buttons on the right of the user's connection info: Re-Connect, Share, and Remove.

The first button lets you reconnect a data source if your authentication has expired.

The person icon lets you share that connection with anyone. This means they can create metrics for their dashboards while on your connection, without needing to have your password to connect.

When you click the share icon, the following window will pull up. You can search for a user in your company to share your connection with. Make sure to check their checkbox and click Save.

The trash can icon lets you remove a connection, if for whatever reason, you need to remove it.

On this page you can also give your data connections an alias. You can do this by clicking on the pencil icon in the Name column.

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