If the Grow app is going slow for you, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

First, Check your internet connection.

Grow is an internet app so if your internet is slow, Grow will be slow. On a Mac, you can open Network Utility and see the link speed.

Or you can run a speed test online here. Speed Test by Ookla (This is not a Grow service. Don't click the ads, and don't install anything on your computer 🙂)

Clear cache and cookies

If that does not fix the issue, you can try clearing recent browsing data.

On Chrome you can open the Chrome Menu > Clear Browsing Data.

Clear your cookies and your cached images and files. You will have to login to the sites you use again, so make sure you know your passwords before you do this.

If Grow is still slow, you can close all your tabs.

Chrome tabs each use some memory on your computer and if you have enough of them can slow your computer and browser down.

OneTab is a great Chrome plugin to manage all your open tabs if you want to save them somewhere before you close them.

Quit and restart your browser

Sometimes Chrome or other browsers can suck up a lot of memory. Try quitting and restarting the browser. Make sure you actually quit it instead of just closing the open windows.

Restart your computer

In rare circumstances, your computer can be having issues which will slow down your browser. Try restarting your whole computer if it is still slow.

Email Support

If this doesn't fix the issue, please email us at support@grow.com or use the live chat on the site. Please send us the following information:

What browser you are using? (Chrome, Safari etc)

What computer you are using? (Macbook, Windows 10 etc)

What is slow? (Loading data is slow, scrolling is slow etc)

Any other info that might help us diagnose the issue.

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