Formatting Charts

You can format the look and display of data series and chart labels. Each chart type has some different options for how you can format the chart, but here are some common settings.

To access the formatting for either the number values displayed or the chart labels, click on the three-dot menu button at the right of the "Values" and "Grouping" lines:


You can change the color of each data series by clicking on the color picker. You can choose a preset color or enter in a hex code. Account admins can also set custom colors for your account that will appear here.

Directly below that, you can open up the drop-down menu called Number Format. We have a few options, including currency and rounded numbers.

Clicking Show Value Labels lets you see the number on top of each column.

In the Display section under Date or Category (x-axis), you can edit things like format of dates, size of text, and rotation of text on your metric.


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