Using Filter Transform

The filter transform lets you filter for certain things in your data, removing the rows from your data that you don't want to use.

Using the filter transform

From the data tab in the metric builder, click the Add Transform button, then select Filter.

In the working area at the top right, we can select what column we want to filter and how we want to filter it.

There are three fields you'll need to use in the Filter transform: Column, Operator, and Value.

The Column field is where you choose what column you would like to filter on. You use the Operator and Value fields to specify the information that you do or do not want to see.

The query is not case sensitive.

When using the "Between" operator, it is inclusive of both the starting and ending number.


Filtering Dates

if the column you choose to filter on is a column with dates, it will automatically give you date filtering options. If you want to filter by the standard operators (like "is not blank" or "contains") you can uncheck that box.


Remove a Filter

If you have added any filters you can remove them one at a time by moving your mouse to the right of the specific filter you want to remove and clicking the red "x" that appears.


Filtering out Blank Rows

You can now select "is blank" or "is not blank" to filter for empty cells or rows that appear in your data.

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