Using Sort & Limit Transform

If you want to sort your data by date, by amount of money, or in alphabetical order, the Sort & Limit transform is here to help.

Click on the Add Transform button, then select Sort & Limit.

In the working area at the top right, you can choose what column to use to sort your data.

After you've chosen a column, choose whether it should be ascending or descending order. If you'd like to sort by multiple columns, click the + Add another column. Sorting on multiple columns is useful when the earlier columns you are sorting on are not unique. This gives you other columns to further sort your data on.

After you're done sorting your column(s), press the blue Run button.

You can also limit the number of results to a specific number of the top or bottom rows to make it easier to display something like the top 10 lead sources or bottom 5 sales reps.


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