Using Format as Dates Transform

Grow has logic in place to help convert dates in the most common formats into a standard YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format to make it easier to work with your data. However, sometimes the data comes in formatted in a way that Grow won't recognize, which can then make it hard to use with other date-based transforms or chart formatting options. (For example, when you want to group by month or use the dates as the x-axis.)

For the date formats that Grow can't recognize, we created the Format As Dates transform to let you tell Grow what format your dates are in, and Grow will take care of the rest.

Selecting the Date Format

  1. To use this transform, you will first select the date column you want to reformat.
  2. Then in the Incoming date format box select each part of the current date format in that column. This will tell Grow where to look for each date part when it updates that column.
  3. Next select the format of each date part. For example, if your date is "Jan 02", you will select "Month: 'Jun'" and "Day: '01-31'".
  4. Click Run and your column will be reformatted into the standard format.


Formatting Options

Here are the options for selecting the date parts in the transform:

Date Part Formatting Options
Separator ,/space-:+T
Year '19192019
Month 01-121-121ST1stJUNJUNEJunJunejunjune
Day Day of Month01-311-311ST1st
Day of WeekMONMONDAYMonMondaymonmonday
Monday as 0111ST1st
Sunday as 0111ST1st
Day of Year001-3651-3651ST-365TH1st-365th
Hour 0-2300-2301-121-12
Minute 0-5900-59
Second 0-5900-59
AM/PM A.M./P.M.AM/PMa.m./
Quarter 11ST1stQ1
Week 01-531-531ST-53RD1st-53rd
Wildcard Use this is a placeholder for anything not included in the other options
Unix 10 digits13 digits
Custom Text If you have a specific string that is included in all dates, you can enter it here
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