Verified Datasets

A Dataset is a collection of related data that has been sourced, cleaned, prepared and joined. To learn more about the creation and use of Datasets, please reference our Datasets Overview help article.

A Verified Dataset indicates that the logic and data of a Dataset is correct and ready for use by others. Verified Datasets tell users in an account that a Dataset is finalized and should be used as a Single Source of Truth for all related analysis.

Verifing a Dataset

You can Verify a Dataset on the Dataset Data Library page on the Data Tab in your account.

Upon clicking Verify, you will be presented with a modal to confirm you want to Verify that Dataset. By clicking Continue, you have successfully Verified the Dataset.


You can Unverify a Dataset at any point. The process is similar to Verifiying a Dataset in your account. Please go to the Dataset page under the Data Library on the Data Tab and click Unverify. You will be presented with a modal to confirm the action.

Verification Badge

Once a Dataset is Verified, you will notice the Verify icon next to the Dataset name in the following places in Grow:

  • Datasets page on Data Tab
  • Add Data modal in the Dataset and Metric Builder
  • Data Settings page in the Dataset and Metric Builder
  • Expanded View under the Details view


Not only should you notice the Verification icon, but Verified Datasets are also floated to the top of the list of Datasets on the Data Tab and the Add Data modal in the Builder.


Permission Levels

Verifying a Dataset is designed for the technical user in the account to validate the logic that is fueling analysis of other users in Grow. Users must be an Admin, Architect, or Analyst in Grow's permission structure to Verify a Dataset in the account.

Please note that if a user has permissions to Verify Datasets, they also have permissions to Unverify any Dataset.

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