Organizing Dashboards in Folders

Sometimes, you might want to organize the dashboards based on some criteria. For example, you might want to group all dashboards related to Marketing. Or maybe you want to group a person's dashboards all together. Dashboard Folders help you to do just that.

These dashboard folders help you to group dashboards at account-level, unlike Favorites, which are configured at user-level.

Note that a dashboard can be grouped in multiple folders.

Creating a Dashboard Folder

When you go to the Dashboard section, you can see the Dashboard Folders section in the left panel.

  1. To make a new dashboard folder, select the + icon beside Dashboard Folders section.

  2. Enter a name for the folder.

  3. From the drop-down list, select the dashboards that you want in this folder. Select OK.

  4. Select Save to save this dashboard folder.

You will see it in the Dashboard Folders section, in the left panel.


The Dashboard Folders are arranged alphabetically in the Dashboard Folders section. They are collapsed, by default. Select the > icon to expand and view the dashboards.

You can edit a folder by select the Edit option next to it. To delete a dashboard folder, go to the Edit option beside the folder, then select Delete.

Permissions for Dashboard Folders

Visualizer, Analyst, Architect and Admin users can manage dashboard folders.

All user roles are allowed to view dashboard folders.

If a user is not allowed to access a certain dashboard, then that dashboard won’t show up on the folder. If all dashboards in a folder are not allowed for the user, then the dashboard folder won’t display.

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