Creating Automatic Emailed PDF Reports

Scheduled PDF reports are a great way to keep your team, company, and investors aware of the most up-to-date numbers and key performance indicators.

The report will be sent as an email to one or more recipients with a PDF attachment of the entire dashboard. In Grow, you can set up PDF reports and have them automatically send to multiple recipients on a regular basis.

The PDF does not rearrange the metrics on your dashboard. It's essentially a screenshot of the dashboard around the time it is scheduled to send. If you want a more print-friendly PDF, you can move the metrics around in a vertical arrangement.

There is not a way to schedule a PDF report of only a single metric. One way around this would be to create a new dashboard and share that one metric to the new dashboard and create a scheduled report for that dashboard.

You can schedule a single metric to share to Slack on a scheduled basis.

Scheduling Intervals

PDF reports can be scheduled for any of three intervals: daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, if you have customers in different timezones or different people want it at different times, you can set multiple reports for one dashboard and pick the timezone and send time for each.

  • Daily: PDF reports can be sent at any hour of the day.
  • Weekly: Reports can be sent on any day of the week at any hour.
  • Monthly: Reports can be sent on any day of the month at any hour. If you pick a day that does not exist in the month (i.e. the 30th and it is February), the report will send to the day that is closest to that (i.e. the last day of the month).

Update Time

The dashboard will be updated as close to sending as possible. Grow tracks how long on average a metric and dashboard takes to update and refresh, so it will try to update it as close to sending time as possible. This may not always be accurate if a 3rd data source used on the dashboard takes longer than anticipated.

If you want to adjust the time a report sends, you can do so in your Report settings.

Send Test Report

To send a test report, click the Send Test button.

This will bring up a modal where you can enter the test email address and send a test report.

The PDF will be generated and the email sent. A blue in progress toast message will appear after you click 'Send' in the modal.

When the process finishes, a green success toast message will appear.

How to Schedule Reports

From the Reports Tab

In order to create PDF reports, go to your account settings, then select Reports from the left-hand panel.

This will bring up a full list of reports for your organization. If you are looking for a specific report, use the search bar at the top to search for it.

To create a new report, click the white/blue New Report button at the top right corner of the page.

On the new report page, you can set different settings for your dashboard. At the top, select the dashboard you want to create a new report for from the Dashboard drop-down list.

Under Delivery Schedule, select which interval you would like to send this report on. If you choose Weekly or Monthly, be sure to select which day you would like to send it on.

Next, choose the time you would like it to send and the timezone. The timezones are organized alphabetically by continent, then city. You can use the search bar at the top to find your timezone.

Below the report details is the Recipients section. Enter the email address that you want the report to send to, then either press enter or the Add [email] button that appears below the email field.

To remove an email from the recipients list, click the x that appears when you hover over the recipient.

When you are done, be sure you click the blue Save button at the top of the page.

From the Dashboards Tab

You can also set up a new report from the Dashboards tab in settings.

Once you select a dashboard, the Reports Summary appears below the dashboard settings. This gives you a summary of the reports scheduled for that dashboard. To create a new report, click the blue + New Report button in the right-hand corner of that section.

Manually Generate a PDF Report

Grow has a handy feature that allows you to manually generate a PDF Report of your dashboard.

In order to get the PDF, log in to your Grow account. From the options menu in the upper right-hand corner, select Generate PDF.

The PDF will be sent as an attachment to your email, so be sure to check your junk folder or any spam filters if you do not receive it.

Once the PDF is in the process of being generated and sent, a green success toast message will appear.

Generate PDF in Dark Mode

If you would like your PDF to be in Dark Mode, you can set that on the dashboards settings page.

Click the Dashboard Dropdown Menu, select Dashboard Settings and go to the Share URL section. If there is not a share URL, click Generate Share URL and then check the Set Share URL to dark mode.

Now all the PDFs that are generated will be in dark mode.

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