Embedding Metrics

Grow has recently released an Embedding API, which essentially allows for metrics built in Grow to be displayed in other applications outside of Grow.

Grow embedding is handled via an iFrame where you embed an HTML page into another HTML page, it basically creates a “window” on a web page that displays another web page.

Benefits of Embedding Metrics

  • You can embed a metric in another application.
  • The metric will stretch size to whatever it is embedded in.
  • You can only embed metrics that are already built in Grow. The user setting up the embedded metric can only embed metrics they have access to see within Grow.
  • Customize: There are also several visual customization options that you can pick from within the API such as adjusting the size of the metric, showing key values if they are configured, showing the metrics title or not, and having it in light or dark mode.
  • The setup can restrict metric access. Filtering is completely disabled for metrics marked as Public access. For metrics which are marked Private, an apiToken is required and all filtering must be encrypted with a secret key.


  • You can only embed a metric, not a dashboard.
  • When embedded, you can hover over the metric but cannot click on it.
  • You cannot expand the embedded metric.
  • You also aren’t able to build metrics through the API, they need to be built first in Grow and then embedded to show up elsewhere.
  • You cannot filter on the embedded metric, but you can apply filters on the API.

    Currently the filtering only supports a Simple Where, which is a single statement, as well as a Nested Where, which is the same as our Where transform in the builder.

  • It is not nearly as interactive.

There is no difference between standalone and integrated embedding. It is safe to use, as your data is encrypted. Prophet 21 has already been embedded with Grow metric.

For more information, refer to our API documentation https://app.gogrow.com/api-docs#/embedding/.

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