Limiting Metrics on Dashboards

To align with BI best practices and improve performance, Grow supports up to 25 metrics on a dashboard.

Dashboards with a high number of metrics are difficult for a viewer to digest. By reducing the number of metrics on a dashboard, you enable your viewers to focus in on the most important data and insights.

Additionally, dashboards with a high number of metrics are more likely to run into performance issues such as:

  • PDF Reports fail to generate
  • Slow load time of the Charts on individual Metric Tiles
  • TV/Full Screen mode crashes when the browser runs out of memory
  • Increased wait time for Dashboard Filters to apply

Standard Metric Limit

Starting May 26th, 2021, any new or existing dashboards in Grow with less than 25 metrics will have a metric limit of 25. This means you can add up to 25 metrics to a dashboard but once it reaches the limit, you will not be able to save any additional metrics to that dashboard.

Tiles, Image Tiles, and Textbar Separators that are added via the Dashboard Menu in the top right corner do not count towards the metric limit. Image Metrics that are created in the Builder do count towards the Dashboard Metric Limit.

Legacy Limit

When the Standard Limit goes into effect (May 26th, 2021), if your Grow account has a dashboard with more than 25 metrics, the dashboard will be granted a Legacy Limit. The Legacy Limit is set to the number of metrics currently on the dashboard. The Legacy Limit will allow you to keep more than 25 metrics on the dashboard; however, you will not be able to add any additional metrics to the dashboard beyond that limit.

For example, if a dashboard in your account currently has 40 metrics, the Legacy Limit will be set to 40. You will not be able to add more than 40 metrics to this dashboard but if you delete or move a metric off of the dashboard, you will be able to replace the removed metrics up to the defined Legacy Limit, which in this case is 40.


Where can I see how many metrics a dashboard contains?

The easiest way to see how many metrics a dashboard contains is to navigate to the Dashboard Settings Detail Page. Here you can see how many metrics are saved to the dashboard along with the limit.

Dashboard Settings Details Page


How do I know if a dashboard has a Legacy Limit?

Any dashboard with a metric limit greater than 25 has a Legacy Limit. You can see limit of dashboards in the Dashboard Settings Page. You can also see every dashboard and their respective metric limit in Account Settings under the Dashboards tab. You can easily spot a legacy limit because the metric count and corresponding limit are colored in red.

Dashboard Settings Details Page


Account Settings > Dashboards Table


Who can see the dashboard metric limit banner on the dashboard?

The banner shows for Visualizer, Analyst, Admin, and Architect roles. View Only and Consumer users do not see the dashboard banner.

If I select Remind me later on the dashboard banner, how often will it show?

If you select Remind me later, the banner will show again on the first day of the following month. At that point, you can select Remind me later again, or you can select Do not show again.

The banner is set on the individual user level. Users cannot control when the banner shows for other users. Selections of one user on the banner, will not affect the settings of the banner shown for other users.

If a dashboard has a legacy limit and I remove a metric, does the limit decrease?

Removing a metric does not decrease the legacy limit on the dashboard. You can add as many metrics back to the dashboard as you remove.

Is there any way to override the dashboard metric limit?

Users are not able to override the dashboard metric limit. Please reach out to Grow Support if you have any additional questions.

What happens when I duplicate a dashboard with a legacy limit?

The newly created dashboard will duplicate the total number of metrics from the legacy dashboard. However, the dashboard limit will be set to 25; meaning if metrics are removed from that dashboard after duplication it will not be possible to add more back until the number of metrics is below the 25 metric limit.

Should I remove metrics if an existing dashboard in my account has more than 25 metrics?

For performance optimizations and BI best practices, we recommend that all dashboards have less than 25 metrics. If possible, we encourage you to move metrics to a new dashboard to decrease the count of metrics on a legacy dashboard. This change enables your Grow account to be as optimum as possible.

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