Needs Attention Panel in Data Tab

The Needs Attention page is a single place that will surface errors and help you keep your data flowing smoothly.

The Needs Attention page shows the Connections, Warehouses, Datasets, and Metrics in your account that need attention. For example, this may mean that a Connection has disconnected, there is an error in a transform step of a Dataset, or a column used in a Metric has been deleted.

Regardless of the reason, sometimes things break and need to be fixed, and the Needs Attention page automatically collects these objects into a single place.

Getting to the Needs Attention Page

To get to the Needs Attention page, select Data in the app header bar, then select Needs Attention on the left side panel. The number in front of the Need Attention menu item indicates how many objects need attention.


Using the Needs Attention Page

Once on the Needs Attention page you will see a table listing all the objects (Connections, Warehouses, Datasets, and Metrics) that need attention. The first three columns in this table indicate the object, Data Source(s), and the object owner. Next, the Error column shows the specific error that is occurring. This may be helpful when fixing the object. Finally, the Time column marks when this error occurred.

Above the table are 5 buttons: All, Connections, Warehouses, Datasets, and Metrics. Clicking one of the buttons will filter the table down to just objects of that type. Clicking on a row will navigate you to that object, where you can fix it.

If you need assistance in fixing a particular object, please reach out to our support team.

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