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Formstack is a versatile online form solution that streamlines processes for capturing and managing information, allowing businesses and teams of all sizes to easily create online forms and gain rich insights. Here are some things you can expect from the Formstack/Grow integration.

Connecting to Formstack

  1. Select the Data tab next to the Dashboard.

  2. This takes you to the Data Overview page.

  3. Click on the Connections button.

  4. Click on the blue Connect button at the end of the Your Top Data Sources options.

  5. From the list of Connections, search and select the Google Analytics logo.

A window pops up to log in with your Google credentials. Once the connection is successful, a green confirmation message is displayed.

If the green success message pops up without the window to enter your credentials, that means your previously logged in Google account was used to connect to Grow.


Below is a list of the reports you can pull from Formstack, along with a short description of the fields available with each report.

  • Confirmations: All confirmation emails for the specified form, including table, ID, form, name, sender, subject, type, format, hide empty, show section, message, editor, logic, delay, checked spam, select distinct, retries, etc.
  • Forms: All forms, including form ID, name, viewkey, views, created, deleted, submissions, submissions unread, submissions today, URL, encrypted, submit button title, inactive, timezone, permissions, last submission ID, last submission time, etc.
  • Form Data: All submissions data for the specified form, including form field data, ID, timestamp, user agent, remote addr, payment status, read, additional custom fields, etc.
  • Notifications: All notifications for the specified form, including table, notification ID, form, name, from type, from value, recipients, subject, type, hide empty, show section, message, editor, attach limit, logic, format, options, select distinct, retries, etc.
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