Datasets in Data Tab

Datasets is where you can see and manage all the different Datasets you have created in Grow.


From this page you can:

  • Use the search bar to quickly find a specific Dataset by dataset name, the user that created the connection, or the data source used
  • Create new datasets by clicking the 'Add Dataset' button on the top right hand side of the page
  • See the metric and dataset count for each dataset.

If the dataset is deleted, then all of those metrics and datasets would also be deleted

Dataset Details

To see more information about a specific dataset, click on the Dataset name or on the action menu for that dataset at the far right side of the list and select Details.

From the Dataset Details page you can:

  • Rename the Dataset
  • Managed the Refresh Rate
  • Create a Metric from the Dataset
  • Edit, Copy, Verify (or Unverify), Share, and Delete the Dataset
  • See a Data Preview of any report in the Dataset
  • See a list of what Datasets, Metrics, Dashboards, and Alerts are using the Dataset


Unused Datasets

If a dataset has not been updated or used in metrics downstream over a 60 day period, Grow will surface a notification on the Needs Attention, Dataset Overview, and Dataset Details pages recommending the dataset be used or deleted if no longer needed.

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