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In this section you can manage all of the connections to various data sources from each user. Depending on your permission level, you might only see the connections you have made to Grow, ones that have been shared with you by another user, or you will see all the connections in your organization.


  1. The search box will let you search the existing connections by connection name, the user that created the connection, and the data source used.
  2. You can filter the list to see only those connections that you have added or to see only those connections that are broken (possibly due to a username/password change or an API update from that software) by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.
  3. Create a new connection to a data source by clicking the Add Connection button at the top right.
  4. The warehouse, dataset, and metric count for each data connection shows all of those that are dependent on that connection staying live (it could be that the connection is used with a dataset that has another report being used in another metric or dataset). If the connection is removed, then all of those metrics and datasets would be deleted.

Connection Details

To see more information about each data connection, or the warehoused tables, datasets, and metrics using the connection, click on the connection name or on the action menu for that connection at the far right side of the list and select Details.

From the Connection Details page you can:

  • Rename the Data Connection by simply clicking on the name, type in the new name, and hit enter or click somewhere else on the page.
  • Create a Dataset.
  • Manage or Reconnect the Connection.
  • Share the Connection with other users in your account.
  • Delete the connection. This will also delete any warehoused tables, datasets, or metrics using the connection.
  • And see details about which warehoused tables, datasets, metrics, and dashboards have data from this connection.

If a dataset or metric is grayed out on this page that means you do not have permission to view that dataset or the dashboard that metric is on.

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