Twitter is a global platform that provides a unique way for people to consume, create, distribute, and discover content. The Twitter/Grow helps you track, analyze, and visualize your Twitter data so that you can take your social media strategy to the next level.

We are no longer actively supporting this integration as of April 20th, 2023. If you have previously authenticated this data source, it will still appear in the list of your data sources. We will not be improving this integration further.

Connecting to Twitter

Before starting, please collect your Twitter login information.

  1. Log into Grow and click the Add Metric icon.
  2. Navigate to Twitter and click Connect.
  3. If you are already logged into Twitter, you will be automatically directed to step 4. If not, pop up will appear asking you to fill out your Twitter login information.
  4. Authorize the app by clicking the blue button.

And that's it! You are good to go.

Building a Metric

To help get you started in using Twitter, here's a quick tutorial for building a table chart that shows the engagement on your recent tweets.


Below is a list of the reports available from Twitter and the accompanying fields within them.

  • Self Information: Account information, total followers, users following count, favorites, etc.
  • Last 200 Followers: Follower information, location, followers count, users following count, favorites for the last 200 followers.
  • Last 200 Home Timeline: Last 200 tweets on your home timeline, user information for each tweet.
  • Last 200 Mentions: Text, date tweeted, and username of the last 200 mentions.
  • Last 200 Tweets: Text, date tweeted, and username of your last 200 tweets.
  • Last 200 Retweets of Me: Text, date tweeted, and username of your last 200 retweets.
  • Total Aggregated Followers: Date followed, followers count.

FAQs + Tips and Tricks

Why can I not track historical followers?

Twitter’s API does not allow access to this historical data. That means that it is impossible for Grow to pull how many Twitter followers your account had at any time before you connected Grow to Twitter. We can and will automatically track your followers per day from when the account was connected.

I want more than 200 Tweets, why can’t I pull back more?

Twitter does not give us access to more than 200 Mentions, Followers, Tweets, etc.

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