AdRoll is a retargeting and prospecting platform with a suite of high-performance tools that work across devices, helping businesses attract, convert, and grow their customer base. This article will give you an overview of the Adroll/Grow integration.

We are no longer actively supporting this integration. If you have previously authenticated this data source, it will still appear in the list of your data sources. We will not be improving this integration further.

Connecting to Adroll

First, log in to your Grow account and click Add Metric. Select Adroll from the list of data sources, then press the blue Connect button.

You will need to enter your Adroll Username and Password in order to connect your account to Grow.


Below is a list of the endpoints that the Adroll/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of each.

  • Advertisables: All advertisables data, including market client ID, currency, state, source, product name, account, URL, organization, among other details.
  • Ad Groups: A list of all ad groups, including status, updated date, name, campaign, created date, ads status, among other information.
  • Ads: A list of all ads, including status, updated date, ad format, message, type, created date, among other details.
  • Segments: All segments data, including match method, display name, source, duration, created date, is active, conversion value, group, type, among other details.
  • Deliveries: All delivery metrics filtered by ad, ad group, campaign, domain, among other info, and grouped by entity, summary, or date. Includes impressions, clicks, and cost, among other details.
  • Attributions: All interactive metrics filtered by ad, ad group, campaign, domain, among other info and grouped by entity, summary, or date. Includes view throughs, click throughs, assists, view revenue, click revenue, and assist revenue, among other information.
  • Campaigns: All campaigns, including updated date, status, campaign type, ad groups, is active, name, among other details.
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