Adding a Metric to Multiple Dashboards

If you have a metric that you want to display across multiple dashboards, you do not need to make a copy of each one. This would make it difficult to make changes to the metric in the future because you would have to edit each one individually.

Instead, you can use the Add to Dashboard option in the action menu on the metric title or in Expanded View. This allows you to add the same metric to multiple dashboards in your account. It is important to note that any changes made to one metric will update the metrics added to other dashboards.

Adding a Metric to other Dashboards

To add a metric to another dashboard, select the metric action menu at the top right and select Add to Dashboard. A window will pop up with a list of dashboards you can add the metric to. Select each dashboard where you want to include this metric, then select Submit. The metric will be placed at the top left of each dashboard, then you can move and resize each instance of that metric on each dashboard.

Moving and resizing the metric will not affect any of the others, but making any changes in the metric builder will affect all instances of that shared metric.


Deleting a Metric Added to a Dashboard

If you delete a metric that is shared across multiple dashboards, it will not affect or delete the other instances of the shared metric. It will still prompt you to confirm the deletion. If you want to see if that specific metric is shared on other dashboards, click on the "Metric Info" button next to the metric name. This will give a list of other dashboards the metric is shared with, if there is any.

Viewing the Dashboards a Metric is Present On

You can view which dashboards a metric is present on under Metric Info, in both the popover, and in Expanded Mode.


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