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This integration is in a beta phase and you may experience instability or limitations because of that. We appreciate any feedback you have as we desire to improve upon this connector and make it the best experience for you.

LinkedIn Ads provides you with key insights on performance and demographics information at the account, campaign group, campaign, or ad (creative) levels. These insights will help you ensure that your campaigns are performing effectively.

Connecting to LinkedIn Ads

  1. Select the Data tab next to the Dashboard.
    This takes you to the Data Overview page.
  2. Click on the Connections button.
  3. Click on the blue Connect button at the end of the Your Top Data Sources options.
  4. From the list of Connections, search and select the LinkedIn Ads button.

A window pops up with the LinkedIn login page. Sign in to your account and approve the connection to give Grow access to your account.

Data Warehousing

LinkedIn Ads is on the Grow Data Warehouse, which we highly recommend you use. For more information about warehousing your data, visit the Data Warehouse Help Article.


The list of tables available will depend on your unique LinkedIn Ads project. You can expect to see one table per dataset associated with the project ID in your connection.

Suggested Tables

The following suggested tables are available in Grow. These are toggled on by default when you sync your data for the first time.

  • List of Ad Creatives
  • List of Campaigns
  • List of Accounts

Other Tables

These additional tables are available in Grow.

  • List of Ad Forms

Custom Tables

Grow offers you the flexibility to configure custom tables based on the dimensions, metrics, and date groupings that you see fit. This helps you to bring only relevant data into Grow, increasing the performance of the metrics.

Note that LinkedIn Ads might limit the number of dimensions and metrics that can be selected within a single report.

  • Campaign Group Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Account Performance
  • Ad Performance

Warehousing Your Data

  1. In the Connections Overview Page, click on your LinkedIn Ads connection.
    This opens the Connection Details page.
  2. Select the Manage Connection button inside the Connection Details section to open the warehouse table selection flow.
  3. Select the data you want stored in the Data Warehouse and click the Sync & Store button at the bottom of the Manage Connection page.
    This begins the initial population of your warehouse with the tables you defined. Populating your data warehouse for the first time may take a while, sometimes up to several hours.

You may continue working within the app while your data is In Queue or Processing.

If your data source is not already connected, refer to the Connecting to a Data Source for more details.

Sync Interval

Full Sync

The default sync interval is 1 week.

Full sync intervals is 12 hours for Custom Tables and Other Tables.

Incremental Sync

Incremental Sync is available for all LinkedIn Ads warehouse tables. The default incremental sync interval is 1 hour.

Incremental sync is not supported for Custom Tables and Other Tables.

To learn more about sync intervals and how to adjust the default settings, please visit the Sync section of the Data Warehouse help article.

Direct Query

A direct query connection can be used to pull data into Grow. With abnormal usage, Direct Query can run into API limitations depending on the data source. For this reason, we recommend that you use Grow's Data Warehouse for a more performant, reliable experience.


Below are the reports available in our LinkedIn Ads connector.

  • List Accounts: List all of your accounts filtered by status.
  • List Campaigns: List all of your campaigns filtered by status. Get information such as campaign type and campaign budget.
  • Account Performance: Get performance data grouped on the account level.
  • Campaign Group Performance: Get performance data on each of your campaign groups.
  • Campaign Performance: Get performance data on the campaign level.
  • Ad Performance: Get performance data about your individual ads within a campaign.
  • Custom Report Builder: Get demographic data and information about your shares broken down by the account, campaign group, campaign, or ad levels.

For each of these reports, you can access the same types of general information about the level you have selected and the data will include a start and end date for the chosen time period.

Here's what you can expect from our LinkedIn Ads integration.

  • Hierarchical level: You can group your data on the account, campaign group, campaign, or ad (creative) level.
  • Performance Data: Analyze important data on your ad spend, cost per lead, clicks, impressions, conversions, engagements, etc.
  • Time Grouping: You can get your performance data on a daily, monthly, yearly, or all (total) time grouping.

Click here to access the LinkedIn Ads API schema containing the field names and definitions for all of the data returned in Grow's LinkedIn Ads connector.

FAQs + Tips and Tricks

  • The data returned in the Ad Performance report does not contain a reference to the account, campaign group, or campaign that they belong to. Similarly, the campaign group and campaign performance reports do not contain data referencing the account that they belong to.
  • The Ad Performance report only contains the ad ID and no other titles or names.
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