ActiveCampaign is an easy-to-use integrated marketing automation, email marketing, and automated sales platform. This article will provide general expectations regarding functionality and give you an overview of the ActiveCampaign/Grow integration.

ActiveCampaign is only available as a warehoused data source.

Connecting to ActiveCampaign

Before you get started you will need your ActiveCampaign API Key and API URL.

  1. Go to Settings > Data Sources > and click on Connect Data Sources, then select ActiveCampaign from the list of data sources. Click the blue Connect button.
  2. In order to connect to ActiveCampaign, you will need your API Key and API URL.
    • You can find your API Key and URL in the same place in ActiveCampaign. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account. Click on your profile, then select My Settings.
    • Next, select Developer from the left-hand menu. Your API Key and API URL will be on that page.
  3. Copy these values into Grow (for the API URL, only include "https://[subdomain]"), then click Submit. You are good to go!

Data Warehouse

ActiveCampaign is on the Grow Data Warehouse, which is the only available method to access this data source. For more information about warehousing your data, visit the Data Warehouse Help Article.


Below you’ll find a list of warehoused tables available through ActiveCampaign, along with a short description of each.

  • Accounts: Id, name, accountUrl, contact counts, deal counts, among other information.
  • Automations: Id, name, status, created date, among other information.
  • Campaigns: Id, type, name, opens, clicks, forwards, bounces, unsubscribes, among other information.
  • Connections: Service, name, connection type, sync status, sync request time.
  • Contact Deals: Email, first name, last name, deals, pipelines, stages, among other information.
  • Contacts: Email, first name, last name, hard bounces, soft bounces, among other information.
  • Deal Groups: Id, title, currency, stages, among other information.
  • Deal Stages: Id, group, title, color, order, deal orders, among other information.
  • Deal Task Types: Status, title, outcomes, among other information.
  • Deal Tasks: Type, user, assignee, title, status, notes, links, among other information.
  • Deals: Deals, pipelines, stages, custom fields (Coming Soon).
  • eCommerce Customers (Coming Soon): Email, total revenue, total orders, total products, average revenue per order.
  • eCommerce Order Product (Coming Soon): Id, order id, sku, name, description, price, quantity, url.
  • eCommerce Orders (Coming Soon)
  • Lists: ID, name, subscriber count, among other list information.
  • Messages: Subject files and ID, among other list information.
  • Tags: Tags, tag type, description, subscriber count.
  • Users: Username, first name, last name, email, phone number, language, time zone.

How to Warehouse your Data

  1. Starting with the Connections page, navigate to your ActiveCampaign connection and click on it to open the Connection Details page.
  2. Select the Manage Connection button inside the Connection Details section to open the warehouse table selection flow.
  3. If your data source isn't already connected, refer to Connecting to Data Sources for more details. If your data source is already connected, you can immediately select which tables of data you want to warehouse.
  4. Once you have finished selecting the data that you want stored in Grow’s Data Warehouse, click the Sync & Store button at the bottom of the Manage Connection page. This will begin the initial population of your warehouse with the tables you defined. Populating your data warehouse for the first time may take a while, even up to several hours.
  5. While your data is "In Queue" or "Processing", you may continue working within the app.

Sync Interval

Full Sync

The default sync interval is 12 hours per table for all warehoused tables.

Incremental Sync

When incremental sync is available, the default incremental sync interval is 1 hour, while the default full sync interval is 1 week.

Incremental sync is not currently available for ActiveCampaign warehoused tables.

To learn more about sync intervals and how to adjust the default settings, please visit this section of the Data Warehouse help article.

API Documentation

This is for reference only. You should not need to consult this to use the connection in Grow.

FAQs + Tips and Tricks

CRM and Leads Data

The integration does not currently support reports for leads or CRM data outside of the provided reports listed above.

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