Excel/CSV Upload

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You may have files with data you want to visualize stored on your computer. You can upload these files to Grow and use the platform to create visualizations, just as you would with data from any other data source.

In this article, we will cover:

Connecting to Excel

There is no authorization required for this connection. When creating a new dataset or adding a report to a metric, simply search for "Excel/CSV Upload" in the list of connections and then either drag in the file or click to choose your file to upload.

Please note, the files uploaded from this connector will not dynamically update.


The file upload interface is unlike most other integrations in that there aren't any specific endpoints to choose from. You'll simply upload the files that you want to use to create your metrics, and Grow will pull data directly from those files. Please note, the files uploaded from this connector will not dynamically update.

FAQs + Tips and Tricks

I edited my spreadsheet, so why isn't my data updating in Grow?

Each time you wish to update a metric build on a file upload, you have to upload the file again. If there is a potential that the data in a file upload will ever update, we strongly recommend you use one of the cloud-based filed sharing connectors instead, such as Dropbox, Google Sheets, Google Drive, OneDrive, Egnyte, Box, or Amazon S3.

How do I delete an uploaded file?

To delete a file, select Excel/File Upload as the data source and click on the list of files you've uploaded. Hover over the name of the file you'd like to delete and click on the X at the far right.

How can I make sure my data is secure?

We have several controls in place to keep your data safe. Check out our security article to see what steps you can take to ensure your data is secure.

How do I prepare my spreadsheets to use in Grow?

It's important to make sure your spreadsheets are formatted appropriately so you can easily use them in Grow. We strongly recommend you consult this help article for tips to prepare your spreadsheets.

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