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Qualtrics makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place. This article will give you an overview of the Qualtrics/Grow integration.

Connecting to Qualtrics

Before you get started you will need your hostname and API Token to connect your Qualtrics account.

  1. Click on the Data tab at the top left of the global navigation. Then click on Connections in the Data Library section.
  2. Click on the blue Connect button and search for Qualtrics.
  3. Click on the Qualtrics logo.
  4. You will need your hostname and API Token to connect your Qualtrics account. Your API hostname is the portion of your company's URL that comes before ".qualtrics.com".
  5. To get your API token, log in to your Qualtrics account, then click on the profile silhouette in the upper right-hand corner. Select Account Settings from the menu that pulls up.
    • In the navigation header, choose the Qualtrics Ids tab.
    • From here, under the API section, click the green Generate Token button.
  6. Copy the token into Grow, along with your Qualtrics hostname, then press the blue Submit button.


The Qualtrics/Grow integration offers one set endpoint called Reports. After selecting this report, you will be able to pick from your list of surveys in Qualtrics.

For each survey you pull in, the following columns will be available:

  • ResponseID, ResponseSet, IPAddress, StartDate, EndDate, RecipientLastName, RecipientFirstName, RecipientEmail, ExternalDataReference, Finished Status, Score-sum, Score-weightedAvg, Score-weightedStdDev, Question Responses, LocationLatitude, LocationLongitude, LocationAccuracy
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