Kinetic BAQs

Epicor's Kineticis a great solution to manage your manufacturing line. You can create your own Business Activity Queries (BAQs) to pull in a specific set of information from your database and convert them into custom SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports. You can then import this information in Grow, and leverage Grow's tools to gain insights.

In this article, we will cover how to enable BAQ tables in Grow.

Connecting to Kinetic BAQ

You first need to create a BAQ that can be shared with Grow. Then you have to enable those BAQ tables in the application.

To create a BAQ, refer to the help documents for Kinetic. When creating a BAQ, select the Shared and All Companies check boxes.

Enabling BAQs in Grow

  1. Log into Grow, and in the Connections page, search for Kinetic.

  2. Select Manage Connections.

  3. From the left panel, select BAQ. In the right panel, you will see the BAQ tables that can be enabled. Toggle the table you want to Enable. You will now see it in your Warehoused Tables panel, in the Connections page.

  4. Review your data and select Save Connection to save the changes.

  5. You can now create a metric on the warehouse table and explore with visualization options.


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