QuickBase is an application platform that allows customizable apps, clear reports, and smooth task management and data flow between team members. QuickBase has a library of purpose-built apps to support business functions for teams.

Connecting to Quickbase

Before you get started you will need your Quickbase realm name and your Quickbase User token.

  1. Click on the Data tab at the top left of the global navigation. Then click on Connections in the Data Library section.
  2. Click on the blue Connect button and search for Quickbase.
  3. Click on the Quickbase logo.
  4. To connect your account, you will need your Quickbase realm name and your Quickbase User Token.
  5. Your realm name is the portion of your organization's URL that comes before ".quickbase.com".
  6. To create the user token, log in to Quickbase. Go to My Preferences.
  7. Select My User Information > Manage User Tokens. Click on New User Token.
  8. Give permission to the token to access all the apps you want to bring data into. Go ahead and copy the User Token.
  9. Finally, come back to Grow, and enter your realm name and the user token into Grow.

And that's it! You are good to go.


If you do not have permission to create or view reports, you will need to ask the application manager to grant you access.

Application managers can view the permissions setting by going to Modify Settings and selecting Access. The administrator will be able to see the people with access to each QuickBase app and the roles each person has to create and view different types of reports. If the check mark is grayed out for any report, that means that it is disabled. The administrator can click it to enable access to that report.

FAQS + Tips and Tricks

Creating App in Quickbase

  1. If you are on the My apps page, click Create New App. Or, if you're already in an app, click the New App tab.

  2. Now, choose how you want to create your app:

    • Build from a template: Choose from a set of common use cases, then customize your app using Visual Builder.
    • Start from scratch: Start from the ground up and build a solution that meets your needs exactly. You have the power to use Visual Builder to define the tables, fields, and other information in your new app.
    • Import a spreadsheet: If you have existing data that you want to use, import it as a starting point for your app. When you do so, Quickbase analyzes the records in your file and presents you with choices to help you structure the new app around the data. You can also create the app by copying and pasting data.
    • Find an app in Quickbase Exchange: Apps contributed by the Quickbase team and user community provide ready-made solutions that address several common workflow and data-tracking needs. You can then customize the app for your organization.
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