Stripe an internet business software platform that helps you accept payments from anyone, anywhere, and build your business. A Stripe/Grow integration lets you view your Stripe data in real time, allowing you to stay up-to-date on your business.

Connecting to Stripe

Before you get started you will need your Stripe Secret Key.

  1. In Grow, click on the Data tab at the top left of the global navigation. You will be brought to your Data Connections.
  2. Click on the Connect button and search for Stripe.
  3. Click on the Stripe logo.
  4. This will pop up a modal asking for the Stripe Secret Key.
    1. To find your Secret Key, log in to your Stripe account. If you do not see a menu on the left side of the page, click the drop-down arrow next to your account name. From that menu, click the heading API.
    2. On this page, you will see four different API keys. The one that you will copy into Grow is the Live Secret Key.
    3. If you do not see your API Keys, you do not have the admin permissions in Stripe. You will need to speak to the administrator for your Stripe account to access the keys.
  5. Copy your Live Secret Key into Grow and press Connect.


Below is a list of the available reports from Stripe, along with a short description of each.

  • Balance: Available Balance, Currency, Pending Amount, Available Amount
  • Balance History: Available Amount, Pending Amount, Fees, Number of Transfers, Previous Amounts, Currency
  • Charges: Amount Charged, Amount Refunded, Card Type, Country, Transaction Status, Date, Currency, Fees
  • Coupons: Coupon Amount, Currency, Coupon Duration
  • Customers: Number of Customers, Customer Account Balance, Customer Email, Subscriptions
  • Disputes: Dispute Amounts, Currency, Reason, Status
  • Invoices: Amount Due, Application Fee, Currency, Date, Subtotal, Tax, Total
  • Orders: Amount, Amount Returned, Application, Charge, Date, Currency, Customer, Email, Items, Objects, Returns, Shipping Address, Delivery Estimate
  • Order Returns: Amount for items returned, Created, Currency, Items returned, Order returned from, ID of refund issued for return
  • Plans: Amount, Date, Currency, Interval, Name, Trial Period
  • Products: Active, Attributes, Captions, Created, Name, Shippable, URL
  • Refunds: Amount, Date, Currency, Reason, Status
  • SKUs: Created, Currency, Inventory, Price, Product, Active
  • Subscriptions: Number of Subscriptions, Number of Cancellations, Date, Created Date, Canceled Date, Customer, Discount, Amount, Currency, Interval, Status, Tax, Percent, Trial End, Trial Start
  • Transfers: Amount, Balance Transaction, Bank Account, Country, Currency, Date, Status, Type, Transaction Fees

FAQs + Tips and Tricks


Stripe will always provide the amount in the smallest common currency unit (i.e. for USD or EUR, 100 cents instead of $1.00). However, for zero-decimal currencies (i.e. JPY, Japanese Yen), the smallest currency is the regular denomination (1 for 1 Yen).

When you pull Stripe data into Grow, it remains consistent with the setup of Stripe and returns the smallest unit of currency. If you have a decimal currency, your data will pull in in cents (or pence, or whatever similar unit exists in your currency). This means that in order to show the values in larger units, you will need to divide your data by 100.

Is Revenue Cash Based or Accrual Based?

There are no accounting settings in Stripe, so the software itself doesn't determine which accounting system you use. Grow will pull in exactly what is in your Stripe account. You can set your Stripe reports to monthly in your Stripe settings, but this doesn't impact the data Grow pulls in.

Cancelled Subscriptions

If you want to calculate churn and LTV from Stripe in Grow, you will need to have access to cancelled subscriptions. To access the cancelled subscriptions, Stripe requires users to use the API Version 2016-07-06 or later.

You can double check your version at Go ahead and log in with your Stripe account. Once you have logged in, you should be on a page where you can see your API Keys and version.

If you have a version before 2016-07-06, you can click the Upgrade available button, which will help you upgrade to a version you need. You should then be able to access your cancelled subscriptions.

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