DrChrono is a platform that manages electronic health records and billing for various offices of the doctors. The DrChrono/Grow integration allows you to visualize your clinical workflow and to manage your practice with greater ease.

We are no longer actively supporting this integration as of April 2019. If you have previously authenticated this data source, it will still appear in the list of your data sources. We will not be improving this integration further.

Connecting to DrChrono

Before you get started you will need your DrChrono login information. Here is how to connect to your DrChrono account.

  1. First, log in to your Grow account and select Add Metric.
  2. Select DrChrono from the list of data sources. Click on Connect.
  3. Go ahead and log in to your DrChrono account. You may need to give Grow permission to access your account.


Below is a list of the endpoints that DrChrono offers, along with some of the data it pulls.

  • Appointments: Doctor ID, patient ID, office ID, assigned exam room, scheduled time, duration, status, ICD-9 codes, billing status, billed date, etc.
  • Offices: Office name, location, contact info, and hours of operation.
  • Doctors: Speciality, job title, suffix, NPI number, group NPI number, practice group.
  • Patients: Unidentified patient information, zip codes, assigned doctor, date of first/last appointments, etc.
  • Users: Staff usernames, assigned doctors, practice groups, etc.
  • Transactions: Billing status, procedure type, price, billed, allowed, adjustments, insurance payments, balance due, service, expected reimbursement, etc.

FAQs + Trip and Tricks


All data from DrChrono is de-identified for privacy reasons. All identifiable information comes in as codes and IDs.

Rate Limits

Because of DrChrono's rate limits, it may be difficult to pull in lots of data all at once into Grow. Instead, we recommend creating saved reports for each template or report you are using.

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