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Paypal allows you to securely send money, receive money, or set up a merchant account. This article will give you an overview of the PayPal/Grow (Beta) integration.

Connecting to Paypal

  1. Click on the Data tab at the top left of the global navigation. You will be brought to your Data Connections.
  2. Click on the blue Connect button and search for PayPal.
  3. Click on the PayPal logo.
  4. A window will pop up to log in with your PayPal credentials. After entering your credentials you will see a green confirmation message that the connection has been made.
    If you didn't see a window to enter your credentials but you still got a green success message, then that means you were already logged in with your Google account, and Grow used that account to connect.


The PayPal/Grow (Beta) integration currently offers a connection to the Invoices endpoint from PayPal. When you connect to this report, it returns a list of the invoices created. Some of the data that it returns include the following:

  • ID
  • Number
  • Status (Paid, cancelled, refunded, marked as paid, etc.)
  • Merchant info
  • Billing details (i.e. email, business name)
  • Shipping info
  • Invoice date
  • Payment information
  • Notes
  • Value and currency
  • Refund amounts, currencies, and other information
  • Among other details.
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