Chart Transform: Compare Dates

The Compare Dates Chart Transform allows you to compare your Data Series values in one time period versus a previous date range.

For example, if you wanted to compare this month's sales vs last month's sales, you would set the Chart Date Range to This Month and add a Comparison Period of Prior Period.


Using the Compare Dates Chart Transform

Comparison Period

To enable Compare Dates, first define your Base Period. The Base Period is the Date Range of your chart. Next, select the Comparison Period you would like to display in the dropdown of the Compare Dates Chart Transform. Upon selecting a Comparison Period, Data Explorer automatically generates a second Data Series to display.

The Comparison Period dropdown includes the following options:

  • Prior period
  • Same period a day ago
  • Same period a week ago
  • Same period a month ago
  • Same period a quarter ago

The dropdown also lists the dates being used in the Comparison Range so you know which dates Grow is using for the calculation.


The Comparison Period dropdown always lists the same comparison options. If you select a Comparison Period and your Charted Report does not contain data for that time period, Data Explorer will still add the Comparison Data Series to the Chart and display zeros where no data exists.


Compare Dates is not available if your Chart has more than one data series selected or if your Chart is grouped by a text or numeric column.


The Data Series generated for the Comparison Period uses the same formatting settings applied to the Base Data Series (with the exception of color). For example, if I set the number format to Currency, USD on the Base Data Series, the Comparison Data Series will also show the Currency, USD number formatting. Additionally, the Comparison Data Series is labeled as Base Data Series Title (Comparison).


Remove Compare Dates

To remove the Comparison Data Series from the Chart, click the X next to the Comparison Period dropdown in the Compare Dates Chart Transform.


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