Formatting Percentages

When you want to format a value series as a percentage, there are three options:

  • Percentage (12.56%)
  • Rounded Percentage (13%)
  • Advanced Number Formatting (12.6%)

Percentage and Percentage Rounded

If your percentage data is coming in as a decimal (like 0.1256 for 12.56%), then you just need to select how you want that percentage displayed (either with two decimal places or rounded to the nearest whole number). Grow will simply take your data, multiply it by 100 and add the percent sign, it works just like your Excel file or Google Sheet.

To select one of these two options, go to the settings for that value series, click the dropdown menu labeled Number Formatting and select Percentage if you would like it to display with two decimal places (12.56%), or Percentage, Rounded to display to the nearest whole number (13%).


Advanced Number Formatting

If your data has already been multiplied by 100, or if you want to fine-tune how the percentage is displayed, you can select Advanced Number Formatting and type in the percent sign as the Suffix, then select the Decimal and Rounding options that you would like to use.


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