Enabling Dynamic Views in Data Explorer

Dynamic Views allow you to create different views of a Metric for individual users in Grow. These Metric Views are automatically displayed on the dashboard based on who is logged in. Dynamic Metric Views are configured in the Data Explorer Metric Builder.

Please note, setting up Dynamic Metric Views are dependent on Variables and Values added in Account Settings. Please make sure you have at least one active Variable in your account before enabling Dynamic Views in the Builder.

To enable Dynamic Metric Views, open the Metric Builder and select the "Dynamic Views" icon at the top left, above your Data Series, and then select "Enable Dynamic Metric Views".


Upon enabling Dynamic Metric Views, you are presented with a modal to set up the filter statement. The first selection (Column to Filter by) is the column you want to use in your data to filter the metric.

The second selection is the Variable you want to link to the Column to Filter by. When a user logs into Grow and views a Metric, the chart's Dynamic View only displays rows of data where the user assigned Value (for the Variable selected in the filter statement) matches the Values of the Column to Filter by selection.

Please note the matching of the User Values to the Column to Filter by Values is not case sensitive.


Upon saving the filter settings, the chart will continue to display the unfiltered version of the metric. However, you can toggle between the different views of the metric for each user in the top left corner of the builder. This list contains each user that is assigned a value for the Variable you selected in the filter settings.

Upon selecting a user view, the chart and any key values will filter down to just the data of that user. This is a great way to validate that the view for each user is correct.


When you select an individual user view, you cannot make any edits to the metric configurations. You must be in the unfiltered view to edit the metric. Any edits made to the metric will be reflected in all views of the metric.


Filtering Metrics with Dynamic Views Enabled

Dynamic Views is a way to filter a metric for a specific user based on a user assigned Values. Because Dynamic Views are a special way to filter a metric, there are some constraints with applying other types of filters in the Metric Builder, on the Dashboard, and in Expanded View. These constraints are to ensure that users cannot apply filters that could expose data outside of their view's subset.

In the Filter Chart Transform, the column you selected in the Dynamic Metric Views configuration is disabled in the dropdown:


Please note if a metric has an existing Filter referencing the same column you select when configuring Dynamic Metric Views, this Filter will be removed from the chart upon saving the Dynamic Views settings.

For Filterable Columns, the column is automatically unselected in both the "All columns (current & future)" and "Select columns individually" section ensuring that column cannot be used as a Dashboard Filter or Custom Filter in Expanded View.


Error Handling

Selecting the wrong Column to Filter by or wrong Variable:


In the example above, I have selected the "Zendesk ID" Variable instead of "Salesforce ID." Selecting the wrong Column to Filter by or Variable in the Dynamic Metric Views settings will likely cause the Metric Views to display no data. This is because the Values of the Column to Filter by likely will not match the Values of the Variable you selected causing no data to be returned when the Filter is applied for a certain user view. If there is no data to display for a View, Grow shows the following message on the chart in the Metric Builder:


Missing Column to Filter by

If the Column to Filter by referenced in the Dynamic Metric Views is dropped or renamed in the data table, the Dynamic Views of the Metric will break. The Metric Builder displays the following error:


Missing Variable

If the Variable referenced in Dynamic Metric Views is deleted, this Dynamic Views of the Metric will break. The Metric Builder displays the following error:



  1. Can I setup Dynamic Views for metrics built in Basic Builder?
    Like Dashboard Filtering, Dynamic Views are only compatible with metrics built in Data Explorer.
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