Building Single Value Charts

Single Value charts are useful for seeing individual numbers or goals that you need to focus on.

Building a Single Value Chart

  1. First, connect your data source, then select the data that you want to bring in to Grow.
  2. On the Edit Metric screen, with the Chart tab selected, select the Single Value chart type.
  3. Under the Single Values tab on the left side, click Add Value.
  4. Select the cell that has the data you want to display.
  5. You can also add more single values to this metric by following the steps above.



The settings are the same as those for using key values. You can change the formatting, add a comparison value, and change the size of the number.


  • If you have a large number and would like to display the entire number instead of shortening it (for eaxmple, "56,400" instead of "56.4k") then select the Show Un-Abbreviated Number on Metric checkbox.
  • If you are displaying something other than a number, for example a name or date, then select the Treat Value as Text checkbox.

Metric Display Settings

If you are displaying multiple single values in the same metric, you have some options on how to display that:


  • The Left Justify checkbox allows you to move the values to the left side of the metric box instead of centering it.
  • The Align Values Horizontally checkbox places all of the key values on a row instead of stacking them vertically.

You can also enter a more detailed nickname for the datasource you are using. It will only be visible when viewing the dashboard in full-screen or TV mode.

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