Editing Personal User Settings

You can access your personal user settings by clicking on your name and profile picture at the top right of the dashboard, then clicking on User Settings.

Here you can edit your name and email address, and add an optional title and department.


Beta Opt In

If you would like to help us test out our newest features as they are developed, check this box at the bottom of the User Info section. You will then be added to a list of our beta users to help us test out new features and troubleshoot bugs. Note that we will always let you know when new features are added or removed and you will be able to give any feedback and report any issues to our product team.

Change Your Password

In the Password section at the bottom, click on the Change Password button. Then enter in your new password in both fields then hit Save.


Forgot Your Password?

If you lose your passwordwe cannot recover it for you. You must reset it on your own.

Go to the Grow login page, then click the Forgot Password? link.


You will be prompted to enter your email and click Recover Password, which will send a password reset link to you. This link expires after 60 minutes.

The link will take you to this page, where you can choose a new password.


Password Requirements

When you are setting a password for your Grow account, consider the following specifications:

  • Password length: Between 8 and 100 characters.
  • Max. Password Age: No limit age.
  • Password History: Not remembered and not enforced.
  • Complexity: Not enforced.
  • Account Lockout: Locked out after 5 incorrect attempts.
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