Dynamic Views Overview

The Dynamic Views feature is an add-on feature that you can avail to optimize your dashboard filters.

The Dynamic Views feature in Grow allows you to create metrics that automatically filter on the dashboard based on a user's login credentials. For example, when Erin logs into Grow and views her Sales Performance dashboard, the metrics on the dashboard only display her sales data. The metrics are filtered down according to the Variables and Values setup for her user.

This is a step by step guide for setting up Dynamic Views in your account:

Setup Variables and Values for Users in Account Settings

To create a Dynamic View of a Metric, you must reference a Variable in the Filter statement. Variables and associated Values are managed in Account Settings under the Dynamic Views page.

Variables are a grouping of Values, Values are attributes of users in Grow that map to the user Values in the data table that you want to Filter. For example, you could have a Variable called Sales Team and a user, Kevin Malone, could be associated with the Enterprise value.



Create (or edit) a Metric and enable Dynamic Metric Views in Data Explorer

Dynamic Metric Views are configured in the Data Explorer Metric Builder. To enable Dynamic Metric Views, open the Metric Builder and select the "Dynamic Views" icon at the top left, above your Data Series, and then select "Enable Dynamic Metric Views".

To create the Dynamic Metric View, please select the Column to Filter by from the Metric's charted report, and the Variable you want to link to the Column to Filter by.

Once Dynamic Views are configured, you can toggle between each user's view in the "Dynamic Views" section under "Viewing as".


Save the Metric to the Dashboard

Upon saving the Metric to the Dashboard, a viewing as dropdown will show under the Dashboard Title. The viewing as dropdown allows you to see each user view of the dashboard. When selecting a user, you are viewing what they see on the dashboard when they log into Grow.



  1. Is Dynamic Views available on Grow's mobile app?
    Yes, it is available on Grow's mobile app! It is important to verify that your Grow app is running off the most updated version (Version 7.4.6 or newer).
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