Reconnecting Data Sources

On occasion, you may see an error message at the bottom left of one or more of your metrics. If you recently changed the password on that specific data connection, or if the sign-in token has expired, this message will show up. This means that you need to re-authenticate the data source.

Reconnecting is a simple process. Click on the Data tab at the top left of the global navigation and you will see a list of the data sources connections on your account. Depending on your permissions level, you might see only those data source connections that you have made or that have been shared with you, or you will see all of the connections made on your account.

Reconnecting an Invalid Authentication

Navigate to your Connections view and click on the connection name to open the details page for your broken connection. Click on either the Manage Connection (for data sources with warehouse available) or the Reconnect button (for direct query data sources) and you will be guided through the prompts to reconnect and enter your credentials for that data source. If you are connected to a data source that has warehouse available, simply close the Manage Connection page once you have completed the prompts to reconnect.


If you still see errors on your metrics after reconnecting, check the datasets that are using that connection. You may need to edit the dataset to refresh the data used.

Reconnecting an Authentication Anytime

If you need to change which account is being used for a specific data connection (for instance, if someone leaves your organization and you want to replace the connected Salesforce account with a different one), you can follow the same instructions above with the connection in question. When you are prompted to enter your credentials, simply enter the new credentials to reconnect. In the event that the user reconnecting the data source is different than the original connection creator, the 'Created By' field on the connection level will update to reflect the user's name who most recently reconnected it.

To review the connection requirements for a specific data source, visit the Connecting to Data Sources category in the left panel, or search the help center.

Email Notifications

As of May 2020, if a data source becomes disconnected and has remained disconnected for more than 24 hours, Grow will send an email to the connection owner notifying them that it needs to be reconnected. The email will appear as follows:


You can click the blue button in the email to take you directly to the connection that needs to be reconnected.

For reference, disconnection emails are sent out once a day, at 7am MST the day after a connection has been invalid for 24 hours or more. In an effort to avoid excessive amounts of emails to our customers, only one email will be sent per disconnection. So for example, if a connection has been disconnected for 52 hours and the disconnection email was already sent, another email will not be sent.

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