Accessing Billing Information

To access your Grow billing information, you will need to have the Grow permission from your admin to see it.

If you have the permissions to access or update your billing info, log in to Grow and go to your Settings.

On the left-hand panel, click on the tab labeled Billing.

If you have the permissions to view billing info, a button labeled Update Billing Info will show up on your billing page. Use that button to go in and update your credit card, billing address, and other similar information.

If you do not have the permissions to update billing information, you will either get the message, which tells you to contact your Customer Success Rep in order to update your billing, or you won't be able to see the Billing section in your Settings.

Giving Other Users Billing Access

Only users with Admin permissions can access and update billing on an account. If you are an admin and want to grant someone permissions to view and update billing, first navigate to the Users tab on the left-hand side.

Find the user you want to grant access to and click on their name to update their permissions.

On the next page, scroll down to the User Permissions section. To allow someone to view the billing info, select the Admin permissions level then click Save on the right side.

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