Adding Chart Labels

Adding Chart Labels in New Metric Builder

In the new Metric Builder, you will change the x-axis labels by selecting the column you want to group the data by.

You will first need to select the values you want to use in your chart, then you will click on the Add Date or Category button to set the grouping. This will then create the chart in the preview area at the top right.

If you have any date columns in your data, the Metric Builder will select the first date column first as default. You can adjust this by clicking on the column dropdown button and selecting the new column.


Adding Chart Labels in Basic Builder

First, expand the Date or Category (x-axis) section. Under Display, you will find options for the label size, unit, and location on the y-axis.

You also have the option to rotate the labels on the x-axis and to change the format (usually for dates).

If your data includes a date column, it will be automatically selected as the chart labels. You can change this by clicking on the "edit" button and selecting a different column.


Selecting Different Data Series as Value Labels

In Grow when you select your data series, Grow will automatically select the series title from the first row of the column. You can rename this title to whatever you want.

Sometimes, your series labels could change depending on how the data is sorted, so if you give a series a name, it could change if it's not in that column any more.

Add Value Titles allows you to dynamically select the series titles from the data.

Your titles need to be sequential and in the same order as your data series.

Just click Display > then pick Add Value Titles and select the cell or cells that you want.

The data series titles are displayed on the chart legend, as well as in the mouseover tool tip.


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