Selecting Fiscal Year and Week Start Dates for Account

If your business operates on a fiscal year other than January to December or if your reporting week starts on a specific day, you can change the default settings for your account. This makes it easier so you do not have to set a different fiscal year or start of week on each metric or dataset, usually through SQL.

Setting Fiscal Year Start Date or Week Start Day

Only account admins and users with Manage Company Info permissions can edit this.

Go to Settings > Company Info > then scroll to the bottom where you will see Date Settings.

Start of Fiscal Year

In Account Settings, select Start of Fiscal year specific to your business. This selection can be reference in any date filter in the Dataset or Metric Builder. You can also use Fiscal Dates in Dashboard Filtering.

Start of Week

By defining Start of Week, you can select the default day that you use to start your reporting week. This selection will be respected when using the following functionality in Grow:

  • Pivot Transform in the Dataset and Metric Builder
  • Group by Transform in the Dataset and Metric Builder
  • Week grouping in Data Explorer
  • Week grouping on the dashboard

You can change your Start of Week selection at any time, your metrics will respect the new Start of Week selection upon their next refresh.

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