Managing User Access to Dashboards

Grow lets you control access to dashboards on a per user basis. It is easy to add more users to a dashboard. You can do it straight from the dashboard, or in the account settings.

If you are looking to add a new user to your organization's account in Grow, check out this article.

If a user has permissions to edit dashboards, they will be able to edit any dashboard you give them access to.

Adding User from Dashboard

From the dashboard, click the Share Dashboard button. This will show you a list of the users in your company that have access to that dashboard.

If you are adding someone in your organization, you can start searching their name and check the check box next to their name.


Adding User in Account Settings

To add a user to a dashboard through settings, click on your profile and go to settings. Select the Dashboards tab from the left-hand menu.

On this page, find the dashboard you want to give someone access to. Scroll down to the User Access list. Check the box next to all the users you want to add, then be sure to click Save at the top of the User Access section.


Giving Access to All Dashboards

If you want to add or remove dashboard access to a specific user, you might see either a blue or a gray checkbox. A gray checkbox means that the specific user has the permission set to have access to all dashboards, and so you cannot remove them from any dashboards.


To change this, go to the user settings for that user and uncheck the box Select All Dashboards and start deselecting the specific dashboards that you want to limit access to. Then that user will not have access to all dashboards by default anymore.

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