Setting Local Time Zone for Your Account

This feature is currently in beta.

Grow has implemented a fix for the issue of metrics resetting too early on the last day of the selected filter period. If you have a MTD metric, for example, we have had reports of metrics resetting to the next period too early. This was due to our filter transforms working off the UTC +00:00 time zone. We have fixed this.

This is especially important when using metics based on data coming from Databases, CRMs, and Ecommerce software.


Grow will automatically adjust time stamps that are brought in through APIs to match your time zone. Most APIs will return data in UTC, since it is universal and easy to program that way.

For example, Copper (CRM) returns data in UNIX, which is in UTC. What this feature does is takes that timestamp as it comes from the API, recognizes that it is already in UTC, and then shifts the time back (or forward) to your selected time zone. There is no more need to use SQL or time shifting transforms to get the data in your time zone.

The time zones will adjust accordingly during Daylight Saving time.

Setting Your Account Time Zone

Only the admin on the account or users with permission to Manage Company Info can access the Time and Date Settings.

Go to Settings, which will default to the Company Info page. Scroll to the bottom where you can add your time zone, as well as the start of week and fiscal year settings.

If you want to remove a set time zone, set the time zone to UTC time, which will not affect the date/time of the data coming in.

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