Release Notes - November 2023

Following sections list the changes occurred in Grow in November 2023 for release versions GA 11.2.0 and GA 11.3.0.

Account Settings

Login: Added the ability to set account level authentication options including SSO and enforce them for users

Settings - Dashboards: Added an Embedding tab to view and edit details of embedded objects

Settings - Metrics: Updated the list of embedded metrics to include the metric name


Chart: Fixed a bug where Conditional Formatting for table charts was treating Cumulative Count and Unique Count as date outputs

Chart: Fixed a bug where adding a Key Value after a renamed column was used in the Sort & Limit chart transform was removing the Sort & Limit transform

Chart: Fixed a bug where Goal lines were displaying incorrectly on the right axis with a calculated data series

Chart: Fixed a bug where editing an existing Goal line was resetting the start and end dates

Chart: Fixed a bug with Single Value charts and Key Values where selecting the Chart Date Range option and hovering over the value was not displaying the date range tooltip

Data: Added Fiscal Year and Fiscal Quarter options for the Group and Pivot transforms

Data: Updated the data typing process to recognize numbers with more than 3 digits for milliseconds as a timestamp instead of a string

Data: Added the ability in the Tags transform to change the order of existing tags in the list

Data: Updated the Extract transform to allow the account level start of week


Expanded View: Fixed a bug with table charts where the custom column widths were not being displayed when switching from Expanded View back to the metric tile

Metric Tile: Fixed a bug where applying a Dashboard Filter to a table chart metric tile that uses Slices and custom column widths was resetting the column widths to the default sizes

Metric Tile: Added the ability to set up an embedded metric from a metric tile

Data Source

Airtable: Fixed a bug where some users were not able to connect or were hitting rate limits

Airtable: Updated the Airtable connection to use OAuth2 instead of the old API Key method which will be deprecated soon

Facebook Ads Warehouse: Added the account or site info to the beginning of warehouse table names to help identify tables with the same name that come from different accounts or sites

Google Ads Warehouse: Added the segments.hour field to the Campaign, Account and Ad Group Performance Report tables

Google Analytics Warehouse: Updated the custom selection to require either the Dimension or the Date Grouping field

Keap Warehouse: Fixed a bug where some custom fields were not displayed

Klaviyo Warehouse: Beginning initial testing

Kalviyo Warehouse: Fixed a bug where the Events table was not pulling large amounts of data

MySQL: Added the ability to connect using an additional authentication method (caching_sha2_password)

QuickBooks Online: Updated the connection refresh strategy in order to help prevent an auth from disconnecting

QuickBooks Online Warehouse: Added the Classes field to the Profit and Loss report

Quickbooks Online Warehouse: Updated the Balance Sheet – Accrual and Balance Sheet – Cash tables to include data for the current day

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Warehouse: Added the Campaigns and Emails tables

Totango Warehouse: Started initial testing

Beta Features

Alerts: Started internal testing of the dataset Alerts feature

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