Release Notes - October 2023

Following sections list the changes occurred in Grow in October 2023 for release versions GA 11.0.0 and GA 11.1.0.

Account Settings

Company Info: Updated the list of Time Zones available and moved any users with a no longer supported time zone to the matching time zone

Login Page: Updated the login page to require an email before displaying the login methods available for a user

Reports: Updated PDF and Slack reports to use the list of Time Zones available


Data: Fixed a bug where some multijoin reports created with right joins were causing errors in future join steps

Data: Added a tool tip to the Tag transform to show the full name of long tags

Data: Added the ability to use dynamic values in the Tag transform based on column criteria


Dashboard Filtering: Added the ability to see if dashboard filtering is applied to specific Key Values and to values on the Single Value chart

Dashboard Filtering: Fixed a bug where a metric with a text type column grouping was changing the x-axis labels to dates when a dashboard filter was applied

Expanded View: Fixed a bug where trying to drill on a column labeled “blank” was not displaying the underlying data

TV Mode: Fixed a bug where some dashboards would show an out of memory error after they had displayed for a few minutes

Data Tab

Warehouse: Fixed a bug where a long connection name was overlapping with the next field

Data Source

Airtable: Updated the connector to use the more secure OAuth 2 connection method instead of API keys, which will require users to reconnect

Facebook Ads Warehouse: Fixed a bug where the Cost Per Action table was giving an error due to a missing account currency field

Formstack Warehouse: Started initial testing

Google Ads: Added the ability to turn on an account level feature flag that displays manager accounts with the correct names

Google Analytics Warehouse: Updated the Dimension field to be mandatory

Google Analytics Warehouse: Fixed a bug where some tables without custom dates were showing an error

Keap/Infusionsoft Warehouse: Added custom fields to the Contacts, Orders and Opportunities tables

MySQL Warehouse: Added the ability to override a data type for a specific column and force the type to be TEXT

QuickBooks Online Warehouse: Started initial testing on the Estimates table

Stripe Warehouse: Fixed a bug where the Balance History table was showing an error for some users

Zendesk Warehouse: Fixed a bug where the Ticket Metrics table was showing an error for some accounts

Beta Features

Embedding: Fixed a bug where pasting an API token into the embed tool was logging you out of the app

Embedding: Fixed a bug where an embedded metric with filters applied was showing the initial metric data without filters, then later applying the filters

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