Release Notes - April 2023

Following sections list the changes occurred in Grow in April 2023 for release versions GA 9.18.0, JP 3.18.0 and GA 9.19.0, JP 3.19.0.

Account Settings

Users: Removed the incorrect check mark for the Visualizer role showing they had the ability to Manage Dashboards


Chart: Fixed a bug with table charts where renaming a data series and the applying a Slice chart transform was causing the original column name to display in the table

Chart: Improved error messaging on Calculated Data Series when the error is not related to the expression entered

Chart: Fixed a bug with Calculated Data Series where columns with a ‘?’ in the title were giving an error when certain feature flags were enabled on the account

Data: Fixed a bug with Joined reports where using both the Rename Column and Column Cleanup transforms was sometimes causing a mismatch between the column data type and the icon

Data: Fixed a bug where the transform titles were not aligned

Data: Added the ability to add a title or a description to a transform step

Data: Added the Extract transform

Data: Added the ability to delete an entire nested filter group in the Filter transform


Fixed a bug where scrolling on a table chart was causing the entire dashboard to scroll

Fixed a bug where copying a metric onto its current dashboard was not positioning the metric correctly

Fixed a bug where metrics were stacking on top of each other in the top left corner of the dashboard

Fixed a bug where dashboards were sometimes not able to scroll up or down

Updated the Support icon to only be draggable by the drag icon

Fixed a bug where creating a new dashboard and clicking the Submit button multiple times would create multiple dashboards

Metric Tile: Fixed a bug where some metrics were not showing the refresh rate

Data Tab

Datasets: Fixed a bug where datasets with an empty data source were causing error

Needs Attention: Fixed a bug where all warehouses with errors were showing that the owner had been removed

Mobile Application

Fixed a bug with the iOS app where some dashboards were showing a blank gray screen

Data Source

Custom REST API: Fixed a bug where the parameters for existing connections were not showing

Facebook Social: Fixed a bug where page impressions would sometimes give an error

Google Analytics: Fixed a bug where clicking on the “Go back to simple date selector” button was not working

Google BigQuery: Fixed a bug where the Datasets dropdown was blank for Tables or Table Data reports

Google Drive: Fixed a bug where pulling data through Direct Query was sometimes showing a table with column headers but no rows of data

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads): Fixed a bug where users were unable to create a connection

MySQL: Improved error messaging when a table no longer exists in the database

Salesforce: Fixed a bug where Stored Reports were not showing data correctly for rows when the Status field was blank

Salesforce Warehouse: Added the ability to override data types for specific columns

Shopify Warehouse: Removed some deprecated fields for suppliers and total_price_usd

Totango: Fixed a bug where some reports were giving an error

Beta Features

Custom REST API Warehouse: Continuing testing using OAuth2 and cursor pagination

Custom REST API Warehouse: Continuing testing using pagination for large amounts of data

Google Analytics Warehouse: Added the ability for the Grow team to override the table parameters to modify the timeframe

Google Analytics Warehouse: Beginning initial testing for several suggested tables

Highcharts: Fixed a bug where Bullet chart types were not displaying correctly

Quickbooks Online Warehouse: Beginning initial testing of the Cash Flow and Customer Income tables

Twitter Warehouse: Added the ability to use Incremental Sync for the Tweets, Mentions and Non-public Metrics tables

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